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Autofac 2 is on the way, now in Beta!

A while ago, I joined the ranks of those whose favorite new container became Autofac. Why do I like it? it’s FAST, easy to use, and very powerful due to it’s functional nature. You might say I am biased because … Continue reading 

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“MEF in 2 hours or less”, I am all for it.

Some posts titles just really grab you. I couldn’t help but think about one of those annoying ads in the back of magazine when I saw this post from Ayende. In actuality the article is more of a “How I … Continue reading 

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CodePaste is the bee’s knees, my new favorite way to share code.

Ever need to share code-snippets with the twittersphere? If so, Codepaste is for you. It’s my favorite new tool for getting code out there in a really low-friction manner. It has really nice syntax coloring support, allows reviewers to comment, … Continue reading 

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Building Hello MEF – Part III – XAP Partitioning (with the host’s permission) and the sweetness of recomposition.

In our last post we saw how using metadata in MEF allows us to provide additional self-describing information about exports. This has a range of uses including providing hints on how the export should be handled (such as UI location) as … Continue reading 

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Building Hello MEF – Part II – Metadata and why being Lazy is a good thing.

In Part I of the series we built the basics of our dashboard end ended with our app displaying a single widget. In this post we’ll show two widgets,  sensing a pattern here?  We will show two, but we’ll put … Continue reading 

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MEF and Prism, to be or not to be.

Now to the question, what is the story on Prism and MEF? I am getting asked this now several times a day, more so than the IoC question. I am happy to say we’re working with p&p to come up … Continue reading 

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MEF Refresh of Preview 8 for Silverlight

Note: This only applies to using MEF Preview 8 on Silverlight, it does not apply to MEF in Silverlight 4 Yes I know we never did a Preview 8 post but…… We found a bug in PartInitializer (thanks to Kathleen … Continue reading 

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