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Exporting dynamically changing configuration values

In my last post I discussed how to export configuration. A follow up question in the comments was “What if the values change?” Meaning the values that are exported using the approach I illustrated are static. In the real world … Continue reading 

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How do I expose configuration information through MEF?

<Goal>Post in 15 mins or less :-)</Goal> This question which recently popped on our forums is one of the common questions we hear from customers. In this particular case, wcoenen (the person in the forums) had recently used information that … Continue reading 

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Hosting MEF within application and libraries.

As you start to work with MEF one of the fundamental decisions you have to make is how MEF will be hosted. There are several factors which will impact your decision including whether you are building on Silverlight or the … Continue reading 

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MEF and Prism exploration, MEF module loading

About a month ago I posted some ideas around MEF and Prism together. As part of the post, I presented 2 high-level scenarios for MEF/Prism integration (and there are likely more) Use Prism with MEF as an add-on for extensibility. … Continue reading 

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