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View Model Locator – MEF Style

At MIX, Laurent Bugnion and I had a brainstorming chat around improving on the ViewModel locator “pattern” through the usage of a MEF generic locator that allows binding via indexer properties thus removing the need for a hard-coded locator. Tonite … Continue reading 

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Speaking at MIX!

Sunday I leave to Vegas to attend my first MIX. It’s exciting to finally attend this event that has such an air of mystique around it. I’ll be speaking on how you can use MEF in SL4 to partition your … Continue reading 

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Speaking on “Ignite your coding”

This Thursday, I’ll be joining John Bristowe and Joey Devilla to talk about composite applications, patterns, MEF and anything else that comes up. I am flexible This is a live webcast where questions will be taken in real time, so … Continue reading 

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Building HelloMEF – Part V – Refactoring to ViewModel

In the last post we migrated over to the new DeploymentCatalog. In this post we’ll look at refactoring the code to incorporate the MVVM pattern. Code from the last post is available here Why ViewModel? There’s a ton of content … Continue reading 

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Building Hello MEF – Part IV – DeploymentCatalog

Continuing on with the series. In part III we introduced the concept of application partitioning through the use of the PackageCatalog which ships in the Silverlight toolkit. In this post we’ll take a look at a new API known as … Continue reading 

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