MEF day in SF, “The Way of MEF, the Path to Enlightenment”

On Saturday June 12th I am stoked to be coming to the SF bay area on behalf of the Bay.Net UG where I’ll be delivering a full day on MEF!

We’re going to cover a world of topics as you can see from the list below.

1. How to lazily instantiate parts to conserve processor cycles
2. Self-describing parts in order to allow more flexible discovery
3. Diagnosing common MEF failures
4. Adapting legacy components to work with MEF
5. Partitioning your Silverlight applications across multiple XAPs to reduce download cost and improve startup time
6. Providing default overridable parts
7. Using hierarchical containers for scoped composition
8. Creating custom catalogs to apply custom policy for filtering
9. Creating export providers to integrate with existing service providers
10. Composing UIs with MEF / MEF with Prism
11. Implementing MVVM with MEF

The cost is $39.  Register here while there is still time!

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