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Taking HTTP support in WCF to the next level


If you are building for the web and the cloud, then you know that HTTP is important. WCF is no stranger to HTTP. Since .NET 3.5, we’ve been continually delivering capabilities in the platform to enable developers to expose services as resources over HTTP. Now we’re looking to raise the bar several notches.

At PDC, I’ll be showing work we are doing to unlock the full richness of HTTP within your network based applications.

  • We’re going to let you have complete control over HTTP.
  • Support a multitude of media types (formats) i..e XML, JSON, ATOM, OData, and custom formats including those that are hypermedia driven
  • Give you full access to your Uri and headers,
  • Provide richer support for web frameworks like JQuery
  • Provide a more simplified configuration story.

That is just the beginning. We want you to have it your way with HTTP!

Want to hear more? Watch my talk

Building Web APIs for the Highly Connected Web

Friday, 9:00 AM-10:00 AM (GMT-7)

Room: Kodiak

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  • Ben

    There are many web scenarios where the ability to send quickly and securely a notification to a client would be very useful, particularly apps and mobile devices. Are you thinking about WebSockets HTML 5 in this refactor?

  • http://codebetter.com/members/gblock/default.aspx Glenn Block

    Thanks mate! Congrats on being a new dad!!!!

  • http://nblumhardt.com Nicholas Blumhardt

    Looking forward to the recording of this one too, all the best with it!

  • Vic

    I would like to see the presentation, but I don’t know where to see it streamed.

  • Scott Wojan

    If you are looking at doing only http based services, what value does WCF provide over just using MVC? Being able to generate a client? And giving full access sounds like it might tank that autogenerate ability no?

  • Joe

    One of the main (and many) problems with WCF (IMO) is the fact that it’s built around HTTP/Request/Response pattern. Could we get a base-level HTTP library with those features, plus a message bus library (like JMS), both supporting the same ITransport interface? Apache NMS is a agood start.
    Then go back and rewrite WCF to use this abstraction?

  • http://codebetter.com/members/gblock/default.aspx Glenn Block

    Hi Tim

    Yes, the talk will be recorded. But better yet, you will be able to watch it live :-) Sessions are being streamed live.

    Also I will be blogging more after PDC, but look for a special announcement in my talk.

  • Tom de Koning

    Hi Glenn, will there be a recording of the talk? I’d like to get more info on the topic.


  • http://www.zubairahmed.net Zubair

    Awesome, looking forward to it.