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Are you using WCF within your organization?

Do you use WCF within your organization either for internal apis for exposing services and functionality to 3rd parties? We’re looking to connect with customers using our stuff in the real world so we can understand your use cases, the … Continue reading 

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Exploring resources, a resource programming model, and code-based configuration. Disclaimer: Early prototype At Oredev 2010 in Sweden (which btw is an AMAZING conference), I demonstrated a prototype of a convention-based resource programming model for our new HTTP apis. In this post I’m going to discuss a bit of … Continue reading 

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WCF Web APIs, HTTP your way

At PDC in my session  “Building Web APIs for the Highly Connected Web” we announced WCF Web APIs, new work we are doing to make HTTP first class in WCF. In this post I am going to describe what we … Continue reading 

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