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Message Handlers vs Operation Handlers which one to use?

In WCF Web API we have 2 extensibility points which seem very similar. They both are designed for very different reasons. Recently the question of which to use when popped up on our forums. Below is some guidance. Message Handlers … Continue reading 

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Richardson’s Maturity Model as a tool for understanding not measurement

Recently there’s been a bunch of discussion about Leonard Richardson’s maturity model and how some folks use it as a tool measurement for restfulness. Subbu has a nice post on this here where he says it is basically pointless to … Continue reading 

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Using DataContracts with WCF Web API

A few folks have been asking if it is possible to serialize/deserialize using the DataContractSerializer. Rest assured, yes it is possible. Now whether or not it is the easiest/most intuitive model well that it is a different question. If you … Continue reading 

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Hypermedia and forms

Updated (with a lot of new content) One challenge when building REST based systems is how can the client determine what it can do next? There can be any number of clients each which need to interact with a system. … Continue reading 

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