Node-inspector just got easier for Windows

In my last post I demonstrated the superbly awesome node-inspector module and how you can use it to get a nice interactive debugging experience for node apps right in your browser.

The first part of the post focused on how easy it is to get up and running with in Mac, the second part showed how difficult it is to get working on Windows :-)

Aside from the mods you have to do to get it working, there are other problems whether you are on a Mac or Windows. And those revolve around the need to launch multiple instances of node and open multiple browser sessions in order to debug. It’s doable but painful.

At the end of the post, I had this quote.

“A bunch of work today, but it will get better”

That day is here! I didn’t realize it would come so fast, but Tomek surprised me and went and integrated node-inspector with iisnode. :-)

Go read about it in his post.

In short all you have to do when running in iisnode is add \debug to your main app.js i.e. “/app.js/debug” and you are golden! See the screenshot below:


Yes, we’re having loads of fun!

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  • Joeyw

    Interesting, how would this work with nodeunit, which needs the script as a parameter?

  • bert

    you can also use for developing and debugging node online