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Review – Building Hypermedia APIs with HTML 5 and Node

I rarely review books however the past few years there’s a few gems I’ve found in my REST travels that I have felt compelled to review. Mike Amundsen’s new book on hypermedia is one such work. Note:┬áThis review is a … Continue reading 

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HTTP is not a transport protocol, HTTP is not RPC

Preamble: The intent of this post is to educate on how HTTP was designed to be used , clarify misconceptions and to give folks food for thought on different ways they can design a system. It is not to ignite … Continue reading 

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Hypermedia and Web API. Design brain dump and samples

Although I left WCF Web API, I am very passionate about continuing on my journey toward understanding REST and how it fits with Web API. For that reason you will likely continue to see posts on REST and Web API … Continue reading 

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