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Two ways to work with HTTP responses in ApiController, HttpResponseMessage and HttpResponseException

ASP.NET Web API provides two different ways to work with manipulating HTTP response messages from within your API Controller action. Throw an HttpResonseException – This exception allows you to pass in an HttpResponseMessage / set status and headers. Web API … Continue reading 

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node.js in the cloud with Windows Azure activities in Oslo

After GOTO finishes, this week I am heading to Oslo for node.js and Azure action. On Friday eve 5/25, I’ll be delivering a talk on node.js in Windows Azure at nnug-Oslo. On Saturday 5/26, I’ll be giving a full day … Continue reading 

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Azure SDK for node 0.5.4 is out! More secure and now with less angle brackets

As Yavor said, Azure SDK for node 0.5.4 is out with a bunch of goodies! Closing a security hole Recently a vulnerability was detected in node.exe that could theoretically allow an attacker to perform a header-spoofing attack. Version 0.6.17 contains … Continue reading 

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Node.js and Azure on .NET Rocks!

Recently I had the privilege to talk to my good friends Richard and Carl about the work we’re doing enabling Node.js development with Windows Azure along with our friends in the node community. It was also a great opportunity for … Continue reading 

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I’ll be at GOTO CPH and QCON NYC spreading the node.js love

Conference season is coming again. I am excited this year that I’ll be finally speaking at goto AND that I’ll be speaking at the first QCon NYC. The topic, well you guessed it, node.js and Windows Azure. May 21-23 First … Continue reading 

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