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Simple Powershell scripting with Azure Powershell cmdlets

In my last post I covered how you can write bash scripts using the azure cli. Right after posting, @dfinke pinged asking rightfully “What about Powershell? Can I do the same things?”.  Yes Doug, absolutely! In this post I’ll show … Continue reading 

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Simple bash scripting for “azure” cli

The azure cli is a great tool for easily working with Windows Azure interactively. You can also use it for scripting  right from bash/gitbash. The bash shell offers a bunch of tools at your disposal like grep, awk, sed, and … Continue reading 

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More cli goodness with azure 0.6.9

Last week we shipped a bunch of new features for our xPlat cli which I just blogged about here. This release includes some really great additions like Mobile Services support, Website deployment customizations, Service Bus support and more. Whether you … Continue reading 

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