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Teach your Azure Website new deployment tricks with azure-cli 1 of XXX: Running Mocha Tests

Disclaimer: This post is based on content I previously posted here and which should really be its own series. Every time you deploy your Website, the server runs a bunch of steps which vary depending on the application. If it … Continue reading 

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Debugging mocha unit tests with WebStorm step by step

Update: WebStorm now supports debugging with Mocha. Kudos to David Henderson for pointing that out in the comments and of course to Jet Brains for making it work! WebStorm is a pretty awesome IDE (there Hadi, I said it!) which … Continue reading 

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New OSS VM Image Depot for Windows Azure – A big step for VM kind

MS Open Tech recently launched their new portal for OSS VMs. What an awesome discovery on my 7th anniversary at Microsoft!  With the new portal 3rd parties you trust can contribute images for all sorts of server products like RIAK … Continue reading 

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