New OSS VM Image Depot for Windows Azure – A big step for VM kind

MS Open Tech recently launched their new portal for OSS VMs. What an awesome discovery on my 7th anniversary at Microsoft! 

With the new portal 3rd parties you trust can contribute images for all sorts of server products like RIAK and Ruby stack!

When you go to the site ( you’ll see this screen which lists the images:


Click on one of the images, say RIAK and you get this screen.


Now I want to install RIAK which as you can see has been published by Basho. I just click on that deployment script link and get the commands I need to use our CLI to deploy it! MS Open Tech added the “-o” command to our “azure vm create” to enable this to work.

This is a huge step, and opens up a ton of new opportunity for customers and for 3rd parties to benefit from Azure!

Great work MS Open Tech!

I love this company!

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