azure-scripty – Azure CLI scripting made even easier

Note: At any time if you want to just get it and jump in, “npm install azure-scripty” and start scripting

If you are using our azure-cli then you might have thought of creating automation scripts to package up common tasks. A while ago I posted on how you can achieve some script-ability just using bash tools. Basically the techniques I listed there involve piping text from command to command and using tools like grep and awk to parse the results in order to feed to the next command.

It turns out there’s another way, and one that is much closer to the kind of fidelity you an achieve with Powershell. Sound interesting? keep reading. It turns out the majority (like 99%) of our cmds can return JSON objects if you apply the –json switch.

For example if I do “azure site list –json” here’s what I get.

Screen Shot 2013-03-31 at 5.35.57 PM

That means that I can take that result and parse it into a JSON object which I can then easily manipulate. Potentially I could even pipe results in from one cmd to the other. I could even imagine being able to define cmds as JSON objects so that I could script out my tasks in a more object friendly fashion. I could then wrap that all up in a nice pretty box to be used by myself or others.


And that is what azure-scripty is about. (Kudos to @JpScripter for reminding me I need to post.)

azure-scripty gives you a JSON oriented API that you can use within a node script for automation tasks. It lets you combine the power of raw node with the capabilities of our azure-cli. One thing that is also really nice is it leverages the knowledge you already have of the CLI. As it says on the github page, “if you know the CLI you know scripty.”

azure-scripty offers you the following:

  • Works anywhere node works i.e. Windows, Linux, Mac, Nodecopter :-)
  • Author using pure string command or JSON object command styles.
  • Uses the standard node callback model
  • Batching multiple commands together.
  • Piping results from one command to the other

Here’s a few examples to give you an idea:

String command style

This will list out my websites in json format.

Object command style

This sample creates a new mobile service using the object oriented style. Notice you can pass fixed position args, with all other named args being by convention.


This sample shows creating a web site and a mobile service using the object oriented style.


One of my favorites. This example shows using piping to pipe the list of sites into the stop command. Notice that :Name, that’s plugging in the Name parameter from the returned site.

Get it and please give feedback

  1. npm install azure-scripty
  2. go check the README.
  3. Start scripting!

Looking forward to your feedback and your contributions!

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