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Fluent 2014, Splunk for JavaScript developers, and a dash of Hypermedia

Recently a bunch of my fellow Splunkers and I had the pleasure of attending Fluent 2014 in San Francisco where we held down our Splunk booth. It was a great event!

While at the booth I had the privilege of being interviewed on what Splunk offers of JavaScript developers. It turns out we offer quite a lot. Check out the video to learn more:

It was great to talk to customers that are using or interested in Splunk. Anyone who used it loved it, point blank! Working the both was also a chance to educate developers on what you can do with our developer platform, which our CTO Todd Papaioannou did a great job of in his talk on Big Data and Splunk.

As to the talks, I didn’t get to see many but did see a bunch of keynotes of which here are my favorites (with links where appropriate)

  • Scott Hanselman’s talk entitled “Virtual Machines, Javascript and Assembler“. He did a fantastic and highly entertaining talk (in a way that only Scott can do) on how web (in particular JavaScript and cloud development has radically changed the way we build software, and how it has deeply impacted the Microsoft platform.
  • Lea Verou’s keynote on the “Humble Border-Radius“. I had seen this talk online, but there was something magical about watching it live. It was kind of a comedy show through code, and it had some great information about the design of Border-Radius. Lea is an excellent and engaging speaker.

After the event I managed to sneak in a last minute treat before jumping on a plane. I went to see Mike Amundsen‘s (co-author of RESTful Web APIS) talk on building Hypermedia systems at the API-Craft meetup at Heroku,  Mike speaks with authority, and experience. He discussed the problems hypermedia is trying to solve and then walked through how to build a hypermedia client and server all in JavaScript. There was great conversation after the talk a combination of folks sharing their experiences as well as their skepticism 😉

And as a bonus I got to see some great friends in the community like Ward Bell (author of Breeze.js), Chris Patterson (author of MassTransit), and Steve Klabnik (author of Designing Hypermedia APIs). I also got to meet some people in person for the first time, namely Mark Foster who has been very active in the ALPS and Blueprint space and Emmanuel Parasakis, the organizer of the meetup.

Shot of Chris, Mike, Chromatic Ward, Steve, Mark, and Emmanuel:


A great way to end a great trip :-)

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