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Debugging node.js errors in Windows Azure

A common problem you might encounter in Windows Azure is seeing a big old “The page cannot be displayed” page due to an error occurring in your azure-deployed node app. If you haven’t seen it, it looks exactly like this: … Continue reading 

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azure-scripty – Azure CLI scripting made even easier

Note: At any time if you want to just get it and jump in, “npm install azure-scripty” and start scripting If you are using our azure-cli then you might have thought of creating automation scripts to package up common tasks. … Continue reading 

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Node 0.10.x compat issues with the Azure SDK and CLI

Recently the node blog announced that node 0.10 has shipped. This release includes a bunch of exciting improvements to node core around several areas including streams, domains and performance. As soon as it shipped we started to get reports of issues using … Continue reading 

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Teach your Azure Website new deployment tricks with azure-cli 1 of XXX: Running Mocha Tests

Disclaimer: This post is based on content I previously posted here and which should really be its own series. Every time you deploy your Website, the server runs a bunch of steps which vary depending on the application. If it … Continue reading 

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New OSS VM Image Depot for Windows Azure – A big step for VM kind

MS Open Tech recently launched their new portal for OSS VMs. What an awesome discovery on my 7th anniversary at Microsoft!  With the new portal 3rd parties you trust can contribute images for all sorts of server products like RIAK … Continue reading 

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Simple Powershell scripting with Azure Powershell cmdlets

In my last post I covered how you can write bash scripts using the azure cli. Right after posting, @dfinke pinged asking rightfully “What about Powershell? Can I do the same things?”.  Yes Doug, absolutely! In this post I’ll show … Continue reading 

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Simple bash scripting for “azure” cli

The azure cli is a great tool for easily working with Windows Azure interactively. You can also use it for scripting  right from bash/gitbash. The bash shell offers a bunch of tools at your disposal like grep, awk, sed, and … Continue reading 

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Updates to our Azure Cross Platform tools

In my last post I talked about the new goodies we added to Powershell. Well I meant to get a follow up post to tell you about many of the same features which we also added to cross plat “azure” … Continue reading 

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New Powershell command line goodies for Windows Azure at #bldwin

Note: Please make sure to install Azure SDK 1.8 before installing the SDK. Some customers have ran into issues where the 1.8 SDK is not getting pulled in with our web pi feed. We just shipped the latest update for … Continue reading 

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Getting your Azure Web site to use node v0.8.1 now

In my last post about a week ago, I talked about the recent release of node 0.8.0. Well just today node 0.81 was released which addressed a few bugs. Gotta love the speed of the node community! Since the recent … Continue reading 

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