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Hypermedia hangout: Collection+JSON, HAL, and building .NET hypermedia APIs with Nancy and ASP.NET

Yes that title is a mouthful. Recently I had the pleasure of doing a google hangout with Jonathan Channon of Nancy fame and Phil Cleveland on a topic you’ve heard me be slightly passionate about, Hypermedia. You can find the full … Continue reading 

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Versioning RESTful Services v2

See what I just did there? ^^ Done Since publishing both the REST Fundamentals course as well as my previous post on RESTful API versioning, I’ve had the opportunity to think more about versioning in practice as I’ve been a … Continue reading 


Versioning RESTful Services

I’ve talked about this in various venues and also cover it in my Pluralsight REST Fundamentals course, but the topic of how to version RESTful services has been popping up a bunch recently on some of the ASP.NET Web API … Continue reading 

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REST Resources

I got a question recently about my recent Pluralsight REST Fundamentals course. Several times throughout the course, I say something to the effect of “for more on X, check out the references section at the end of the module”. The … Continue reading 


You can’t achieve REST without client and server participation

Recently I have been having a bunch of discussions around REST and whether or not the client participates in the RESTfulness of a system. Until now I’ve been saying that REST is confined to the server. I now realize that … Continue reading 

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HTTP is not a transport protocol, HTTP is not RPC

Preamble: The intent of this post is to educate on how HTTP was designed to be used , clarify misconceptions and to give folks food for thought on different ways they can design a system. It is not to ignite … Continue reading 

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Automatic ETag Management with Web API Message Handlers

One of the great things about the fact that Http is a full fledged application protocol is that it has built in semantics for doing all sorts of application types of things.  Two of these things which I’ll talk about … Continue reading 

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Message Handlers vs Operation Handlers which one to use?

In WCF Web API we have 2 extensibility points which seem very similar. They both are designed for very different reasons. Recently the question of which to use when popped up on our forums. Below is some guidance. Message Handlers … Continue reading 

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Using DataContracts with WCF Web API

A few folks have been asking if it is possible to serialize/deserialize using the DataContractSerializer. Rest assured, yes it is possible. Now whether or not it is the easiest/most intuitive model well that it is a different question. If you … Continue reading 

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Using ServiceRoute With Existing MVC Routes

I’m sitting here at TechEd working on my demos for tomorrow’s presentation and I briefly got stuck on my route implementation.  The specific issues wasn’t anything big – I just had a more specific route path declared below a more … Continue reading 

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