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Forcing MVC Model State to invalid for Unit Tests

Unit testing ASP.Net MVC applications is easier than every today. But how do you force ModelState.IsValid to be false in a unit tests? The simple thought would be to simply create an invalid object and pass that into your action … Continue reading 


Finding a balance with ASP.NET MVC

The other day I did a talk at DDD South West, cheekily entitled “ASP.NET MVC, coping with mediocrity”,  pitched on the agenda as being fairly heavily negative about ASP.NET MVC, but in reality summarising that it’s okay so long as you … Continue reading 

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Slide deck and code from 9/11 Central Penn Code Camp Presentation

Thanks to all who attended my sessions at this past Saturday’s Central Penn Code Camp. The attached zip contains the sample code and slide deck. As always, if you have any questions concerning this presentation and/or how to applies the … Continue reading 

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PowerPoint and code samples from jQuery, Ajax and jSON in MVC talk at Devlink 2010

Thanks to those who attended. Attached are my code samples and slide deck. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on Twitter: @johnvpetersen or via email: johnvpetersen at gmail dot com.    

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Yet another post on MVP vs MVC

I can see that can turn into addiction and I can’t afford another one Anyway while browsing, I noticed a question on MVP vs MVC. I just couldn’t resist…oh and I did add something on Presentation Model. I won’t … Continue reading 

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Ben writes (emphasis his): System.Web.MVC will reach an audience that MonoRail doesn’t:  The corporate giant who already swallowed the pill and will do anything that Microsoft pushes, good or bad.  And a lot of consultants work firmly in this space. That’s … Continue reading 

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