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Node 0.10.x compat issues with the Azure SDK and CLI

Recently the node blogĀ announcedĀ that node 0.10 has shipped. This release includes a bunch of exciting improvements to node core around several areas including streams, domains and performance. As soon as it shipped we started to get reports of issues using … Continue reading 

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Service Bus support in azure npm 0.5.2

This just in: Andre (my team) just published the latest version of our node azure module – 0.5.2: Primary changes: Azure Service Bus support! Node.exe version requirement lowered to raise compatibility. This should enable using our SDK on Heroku and … Continue reading 

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Node-inspector just got easier for Windows

In my last post I demonstrated the superbly awesome node-inspector module and how you can use it to get a nice interactive debugging experience for node apps right in your browser. The first part of the post focused on how … Continue reading 


Getting Started with Node.js on Windows

UPDATE: New packages and further items What a difference a year makes.  Last year at the first conference solely dedicated to JavaScript, JSConf 2009, there was a big focus on the uses of JavaScript on the client side.  This year, … Continue reading