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Our new book and my personal journey toward REST and Hypermedia

It’s hard to believe, but it has been 6 months since our new book, “Designing Evolvable Web APIs with ASP.NET” shipped! So far the feedback that we’ve received has been really positive and we’re excited to see the momentum. In … Continue reading 

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Two Screencasts on How to Demystify Spaghetti Code

In my consultant career, no matter the kind of company I visited, from the tiny startup to the largest fortune 500 corporation, they all have in common to be entangled in spaghetti. Spaghetti means poorly structured code. Spaghetti means high maintenance and … Continue reading 

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Validating Architecture through LINQ Query

These days we are restructuring the NDepend code base to make it more suited to welcome future features implementation. Here is below the new architecture of the NDepend.UI assembly, made of around 50.000 lines of code, shown through a Dependency Structure … Continue reading 


Identify Code Structure Patterns at a Glance

Normal 0 21 false false false FR X-NONE X-NONE I think that caring for dependencies is the best thing you can do to make your program maintainable and to fight against complexity. I’d like here to provide some tips to … Continue reading 

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Container-managed applications

OK, so you’ve past the point of deciding whether or not you will use an IoC container. Then you find out that is just the beginning of the road. How does that container fit in your application design? Should you … Continue reading 

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MVP with MEF

Krzysztof had a question on StackOverflow around doing MVP triads wtith MEF. He came up with a way to do it that he wasn’t happy with and which I told him was pretty hacky After chatting with Krzysztof I took … Continue reading 

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Finding the right level of coupling This is a follow up from my previous post on Composite extensions for Win Forms. Early on as we started the development of Prism, we had a few decisions to make around our coupling to WPF. We knew that … Continue reading 

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Yet another post on MVP vs MVC

I can see that can turn into addiction and I can’t afford another one Anyway while browsing, I noticed a question on MVP vs MVC. I just couldn’t resist…oh and I did add something on Presentation Model. I won’t … Continue reading 

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Rik on Design Patterns

Rik Bardrof, one of the senior developers at Xclaim, recently gave a presentation to the Syracuse .NET Developer’s Group. I was in town, so I captured the talk. In it, he covers a few patterns/principles we use extensively in our … Continue reading 

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Hook Methods

I’ve written about the template method pattern before. For my money it’s still a very useful pattern for building super lightweight frameworks and enabling the open-closed principle which states: Software entities (classes, modules, functions, etc.) should be open for extension, … Continue reading 

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