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Simple Powershell scripting with Azure Powershell cmdlets

In my last post I covered how you can write bash scripts using the azure cli. Right after posting, @dfinke pinged asking rightfully “What about Powershell? Can I do the same things?”.  Yes Doug, absolutely! In this post I’ll show … Continue reading 

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New Powershell command line goodies for Windows Azure at #bldwin

Note: Please make sure to install Azure SDK 1.8 before installing the SDK. Some customers have ran into issues where the 1.8 SDK is not getting pulled in with our web pi feed. We just shipped the latest update for … Continue reading 

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Token Replacement in PowerShell

A question I often get asked is why psake does not include something similar to NAnt’s <replacetokens>. The reason is because it’s so darn easy to do it in PowerShell. Given foo.txt.template: @@foo@@ is @@bar@@!!! The following script will perform … Continue reading 


psake v4.00

It is with great pleasure that I announce psake v4.00, which you can download here. The project has grown up a great deal in the last few months. More projects are using psake for orchestrating their builds and we have … Continue reading 

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Pow! Biff! Wham! Splat!

No, this post is not a tribute to the fabulously kitschy Batman TV series (1966-1968) starring Adam West and Burt Ward. Or a tribute to the onomatopoeic sounds for which it and the Batman comics were famous. This show did … Continue reading 

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The Exec Problem

I must admit that I don’t much care for PowerShell’s default behaviour with respect to errors, which is to continue on error. It feels very VB6 “On Error Resume Next”-ish. Given that it is a shell scripting language, I can … Continue reading 

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Releasing psake v1.00 & psake v2.00

A few announcements… First the big one. Many people have been using psake – both the PowerShell 1.0- and 2.0-compatible versions – in production without any significant issues. For that reason, we have released psake v1.00 (compatible with PowerShell 1.0). … Continue reading 

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PowerShell Tip: Providers

At first glance, PowerShell appears to be yet another command shell with the interesting twist that you pipe objects between commands rather than strings. But there is more to PowerShell than that. One fascinating area is PowerShell Providers. (PowerShell Providers … Continue reading 

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psake at VAN Wrap-up

Last night I gave a presentation on psake and PowerShell to the Virtual ALT.NET (VAN) group. I had a fun time demonstrating how to write a psake build script, examining some psake internals, discussing the current state of the project, … Continue reading 

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Confusion about PowerShell Script Signing

I’ve been having fun writing about my adventures in PowerShell. I would like to thank everyone for their encouragement and feedback. Something that I haven’t explicitly stated – which should go without saying as this is a blog – is … Continue reading 

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