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View Model Locator – MEF Style

At MIX, Laurent Bugnion and I had a brainstorming chat around improving on the ViewModel locator “pattern” through the usage of a MEF generic locator that allows binding via indexer properties thus removing the need for a hard-coded locator. Tonite … Continue reading 

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Building HelloMEF – Part V – Refactoring to ViewModel

In the last post we migrated over to the new DeploymentCatalog. In this post we’ll look at refactoring the code to incorporate the MVVM pattern. Code from the last post is available here Why ViewModel? There’s a ton of content … Continue reading 

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Building Hello MEF – Part IV – DeploymentCatalog

Continuing on with the series. In part III we introduced the concept of application partitioning through the use of the PackageCatalog which ships in the Silverlight toolkit. In this post we’ll take a look at a new API known as … Continue reading 

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Learning about MEF in SL4 from Mike Taulty

One of the questions we get quite often is “Why should I use MEF?” and “How can i use MEF?”. Fortunately one of our awesome field guys Mike Taulty has been rising to the occasion. He’s put together a great … Continue reading 

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NDepend v3 is now 100% integrated in Visual Studio.

First of all, if you are like me, you certainly don’t want another Visual Studio extension that will slow down your work environment. So let’s be clear: tremendous efforts have been put on performance and memory consumption. Even on large … Continue reading 


How do I expose configuration information through MEF?

<Goal>Post in 15 mins or less :-)</Goal> This question which recently popped on our forums is one of the common questions we hear from customers. In this particular case, wcoenen (the person in the forums) had recently used information that … Continue reading 

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MEF and Prism exploration, MEF module loading

About a month ago I posted some ideas around MEF and Prism together. As part of the post, I presented 2 high-level scenarios for MEF/Prism integration (and there are likely more) Use Prism with MEF as an add-on for extensibility. … Continue reading 

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Building Hello MEF – Part III – XAP Partitioning (with the host’s permission) and the sweetness of recomposition.

In our last post we saw how using metadata in MEF allows us to provide additional self-describing information about exports. This has a range of uses including providing hints on how the export should be handled (such as UI location) as … Continue reading 

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Building Hello MEF – Part II – Metadata and why being Lazy is a good thing.

In Part I of the series we built the basics of our dashboard end ended with our app displaying a single widget. In this post we’ll show two widgets,  sensing a pattern here?  We will show two, but we’ll put … Continue reading 

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MEF Refresh of Preview 8 for Silverlight

Note: This only applies to using MEF Preview 8 on Silverlight, it does not apply to MEF in Silverlight 4 Yes I know we never did a Preview 8 post but…… We found a bug in PartInitializer (thanks to Kathleen … Continue reading 

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