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PageFlow reborn

Many of you noticed that WCSF 2.0 did not ship with PageFlow. Early during the development of WCSF 2.0, we decided to break out the PageFlow application block and recipes into a separately downloadable package. There were several reasons foremost … Continue reading 

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Upcoming talks

This is one of the posts that I have been meaning to get to for several weeks, but it just keeps falling to the bottom of the backlog. Tomorrow I jump on an airplane so I guess now is as … Continue reading 

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Heading to Boise Code Camp A few months ago I heard through the grapevine about plans for a Code Camp in Boise. Next thing you know Jarod has emailed me asking if I would be interested in attending. I am a geek at heart, … Continue reading 

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WCSF 2.0 Hidden Gem – Creating interface projects

Well not hidden exactly, but subtle. A while ago I requested we add this capability to the WCSF Guidance package, and then I forgot about it. Well today I was playing around with the new GP and to my surprise … Continue reading 

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Web Client Software Factory 2.0 shipped!

As promised, WE’RE LIVE!!!!!   (Image courtesy of hyku via After a long haul and several posts such as here and here, we’re finally out the door with the next version of the Web Client Software Factory! Read more … Continue reading 

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Web Client 2.0, what’s the hold up?

As is obvious from the comments, we’ve hit some delays. This reason is due to GAT/GAX issues with version 1.4. Those issues have been resolved and GAT/GAX 1.4 has now shipped. I guess you can say that the previews ended, … Continue reading 

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Tweaking the WCSF Validation Bundle

Jarod has a nice post where he demonstrates how to reduce the number of postbacks that occur when using the ServerSideValidationExtender included as part of the Validation Bundle. Jarod demonstrates how to subclass the PropertyProxyValidator and override the EvaluateIsValid() method … Continue reading 

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Seattle CodeCamp Recap

Like all good things, sadly Seattle CodeCamp has come to an end. I had a great time and enjoyed hanging out with all the CodeCampers. I particularly enjoyed hearing about the different challenges customers are facing in their implementations. I … Continue reading 

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Seattle CodeCamp talks

I forgot to post on this, well better late than never. This weekend I’m speaking at the Seattle CodeCamp on WCSF and SCSF. Actually Day one is over, which leaves one more talk left tomorrow on using SCSF and the … Continue reading 

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