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Converting to System.Net.Http

The source code for the HttpClass can be found at this gist: here. The revised source code from the earlier posts has been updated and you can find the revised bits here. This code contains everything outlined in this post. … Continue reading 

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Bringing oData to your WebAPI – just use IQueryable

In In the previous post, I discussed how to implement an ASP.NET Web API service with ASP.NET MVC. The cool thing about the Web API is the stuff we get for free. One of the nice things we get for … Continue reading 


Accessing a ASP.NET Rest Service from ASP.NET MVC

Note: All of the code for this example can be downloaded here. One of the most exciting features in ASP.NET is the new Web API. To get started, here is the Web API service: As you can see, the API … Continue reading 


WebAPI Developer Preview 6: Self Hosted Mode Example

In case you missed it, the WebAPI Developer Preview is up to version 6. The CodePlex site provides all of the information you need to get started. To illustrate how to build a simple WebAPI, this example uses ASP.NET MVC … Continue reading 

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Hypermedia and Web API. Design brain dump and samples

Although I left WCF Web API, I am very passionate about continuing on my journey toward understanding REST and how it fits with Web API. For that reason you will likely continue to see posts on REST and Web API … Continue reading 

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Integrating MVC routes and Web API routes

  Several folks have been complaining for a while about Action Links not being properly generated when MVC routes are mixed with Service Routes in the same site. It turns out there is a solution…..don’t use ServiceRoute Instead, create a … Continue reading 

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Message Handlers vs Operation Handlers which one to use?

In WCF Web API we have 2 extensibility points which seem very similar. They both are designed for very different reasons. Recently the question of which to use when popped up on our forums. Below is some guidance. Message Handlers … Continue reading 

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Using DataContracts with WCF Web API

A few folks have been asking if it is possible to serialize/deserialize using the DataContractSerializer. Rest assured, yes it is possible. Now whether or not it is the easiest/most intuitive model well that it is a different question. If you … Continue reading 

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WebSockets, RIA/JS and WCF Web API at MIX, a whole lotta love for the web

MIX was indeed a busy time for the WCF Team. We delivered several talks, and released several shiny new toys to the community for folks that are building web-based systems. WebSockets Craig Kitterman of our Interoperability group, and Paul Batum, … Continue reading 

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