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Monthly Archives: August 2003

Does the SQLClient emperor have no clothes?

In light of the class Debugging section we just wrapped up, I think it’s good to point out the CLR Profiler as an excellent tool for examining what your .Net application is doing under the hood.  The CLRProfiler takes an … Continue reading 

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“Trying Hardest To Learn”

Darrel Norton’s Random Observation got me thinking . . . he writes “The people that probably know the most are also the ones trying hardest to learn.“ Hmmm. It certainly strikes a chord with me.  In the software development field, … Continue reading 

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Implementation Inheritance, or Interface Inheritance, that is the Question

We recently covered VB.Net OO topics in our class and the question came up regarding when to Inherit from a base object (Implementation Inheritance) versus when to Implement an interface (Interface Inheritance).  While the two approaches are not mutually exclusive, … Continue reading 

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Strange Interface Behaviour in VB.Net vs. C#

Most of my recent examples have been in VB.Net to benefit the students in my class, but I program more often in C#.  Take the following VB.Net code: Shared Sub Main()     dim obj as ILoggable = new PersonObject()     … Continue reading 

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Web Services in hours instead of days, weeks, or longer

It’s nice to measure programming enhancements in hours instead of days, weeks, or months.  .Net Web Services made my day.   I’ve been working on our ecommerce framework and we recently made the decision to reduce costs by processing credit … Continue reading 

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Digesting Shadows vs. Overrides

As the class I’m teaching moves into OO topics, inevitably the subject of “Shadows” and “Overrides” comes up.  “Shadows” probably wins the award as the oddest sounding  addition to the VB language courtesy of .Net . . . although there … Continue reading 

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Asynchronous Behaviour via .Net Delegates

In the VB class I’m currently teaching at nights for ITPro, one of the students asked for a “very good example of how and why I might use a delegate.” Answering this question without getting into topics way beyond the … Continue reading 

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More thoughts on Garbage Collection

Ever beat a dead horse? Brent Rector of Wintellect discusses Finalizers, sharing how the GC process really behaves and why we should think twice thrice before using Finalizers.  Make sure your design warrants the extra overhead. Other highlights from Brent’s … Continue reading 

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Hampton Roads .Net Community

The year was 2000. Java was not catching on in the Southeast corner of Virginia (aka Hampton Roads).  On the planet “Washington DC” that I came from, Java was competing neck and neck with the Microsoft COM languages, but Microsoft still … Continue reading 

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Reflecting Further . . .

Jim Meeker, who showed up at the latest WeProgram.Net user group meeting, points out Reflector for .Net at Lutz Roeder’s site (http://www.aisto.com/roeder/dotnet/).  This will let you search, disassemble, and otherwise get your hands dirty with MSIL.

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