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IIS 6 Resource Kit

Check out the IIS 6 Resource Kit; it’s got some cool tools for administering your new IIS 6 (Windows 2003) server.  You can get it from Microsoft here. I discovered this kit in the process of debugging a Response Buffer … Continue reading 

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Async Kitchen “Sync”

Since I’ve discussed Asynchronous processing on past blogs, I’ve gotten a few questions about how to cancel an asynchronous process.  I figure I should blog my response, and while I’m at it, include most of the Async stuff into a … Continue reading 

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Viewing ViewState

My ASP.Net class is just getting underway and we’re getting into the topic of state management.  We briefly covered the intrinsic Application and Session objects as State repositories, and ViewState was brought into the conversation.  ViewState plays an important role … Continue reading 

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Why I use Equals() and Comparative Simplicity

Students frequently ask me why I prefer Equals() over = when coding VB equality comparisons.  To answer this question, we need to get into ILDasm, the tool that we can use to view IL code in any .Net assembly. Take the following VB … Continue reading 

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You Wont See Me at The PDC . . .

Not because PDC is sold out (if I was going, I would’ve bought my seat a while ago!) Not because all the stuff Microsoft will unveil will be made available publicly when the products actually get to market (which will … Continue reading 

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Do customers deserve more than they ask for?

Some people in my company spent most of this afternoon feverishly running around because one person on our staff gave a customer more than they asked for; the “extra effort“ ended up causing problems and complications and boiled over into some … Continue reading 

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On Flexible Work Schedules

I wrote about are we working too much before, but I feel like sharing a little more on this. While I’m not aware of any detailed scientific studies, organizations don’t appreciate how valuable flexibility in a working schedule can be.  For example, I typically work … Continue reading 

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A different programming ASPECT

There are so many interesting facets to the software development industry!   One “aspect” (pun intended, read on . . . ) of the industry I’ve been working to follow is Aspect Orientated Software Development (AOSD) and what problems I can solve … Continue reading 

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Sweet . . . Nourishing . . . CodeSmith

I usually avoid the “yah, what they said . . .” blog entries since there are plenty of those around, but I’m making an exception in this case.  Mark “Bonafiglio” Bonafe was very impressed with CodeSmith, and I have to … Continue reading 

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SQL Replication Consternation

We’ve been experimenting with a proof-of-concept application using the .Net Compact Framework; right now, we’re just exploring replicating data between a mobile PocketPC (with SQLServerCE) and a SqlServer.  Plain vanilla sort of stuff.  It was working well despite the errors (typos and … Continue reading 

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