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MakeCert Make Me Happy

We’re talking about securing web applications in our ITPro class right now, and I thought I should add a little about MakeCert.exe.  If you’re developing applications that will use SSL encryption, such as an ecommerce system, it’s important to configure your development … Continue reading 

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Yah, what Mark said about Certification

Mark DiGiovanni brings up a good point about certification and posting of exam questions.  While I teach at ITPro, which certainly helps others to obtain their certs, I insist on teaching people to become good developers and not just good … Continue reading 

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Solutions for those long running queries . . .

If you’ve got a web application with long running queries, check out Brad McCabe’s article from asp.netPRO: Make a Progress Indicator For Slow-Loading Pages.  It’s a simple method to display something meaningful to the user, but still allows the server to … Continue reading 

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Attributes.Add and AliceBlue

I’m writing the account management portion of an ASP.Net application.  I was putting together the form for changing the customers’ password when I discovered an ASP.Net texbox with a TextMode attribute set to “Password” ignores assignements to the Text property; … Continue reading 

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Excuses and an Essential book review

I’ve been slacking in the blog posting department of late.  It’s a combination of many, many things going on at work and my regular work-related activities like WeProgram.Net and teaching with ITPro.  I doubt you’re interested in excuses . . . … Continue reading 

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.Net Saves Boy Down Well and more satire . . .

These are a few great stories from a generally funny satire site  .NET Saves Boy Down Well  Open Source Developer Stoned for Praising .NET  Microsoft Releases Flawless Web Server, Commits Blasphemy Of course, I couldn’t omit The Onion’s  classic … Continue reading 

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FTP Before Breakfast

My wife is out of town for a while and I got stuck handling some manual FTP downloads for her.  NASA has a program where they process remote satellite imagery into HDF (Hierarchical Data Format) files for scientific analysis — … Continue reading 

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I use the ColorTranslator class all the time.  It comes in really handy with web UI development.  I’m always having to match a hexidecimal color (usually courtesy of PhotoShop or ImageReady) and the basic System.Drawing.Color class won’t cut it.  Color.AliceBlue and … Continue reading 

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