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Spare a DIME?

No, I’m not raising money for a charity — I’m doing work with files and binary data via .Net web services.  You probably don’t hear that in the same sentence very often!  Several months ago, DIME (Direct Internet Message Encapsulation) was … Continue reading 

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Will the real Grant Killian please stand up?

I just got wind of the “trend” in IT hiring where employers google their job candidates.  By googling my name the first result is:   No problem there.  A few results down the list, however, is:   I have nothing … Continue reading 

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Chocolate Milk and Full Control for Everyone?

When you encounter security issues, is your first inclination to enable Full Control on the everyone account?  I certainly hope not, and if it is, you won’t be developing software for very long.  Maybe you should be campaigning for Student Council … Continue reading 

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I’m thankful PDW is no more!

With Thanksgiving just behind me, I thought I’d share one of the software development things I’m thankful for.  I’m thankful that Microsoft did away with Package And Deployment Wizard (PDW).  The tools for creating setup and deployment packages in VS.Net … Continue reading 

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Disappearing Session Objects

I guess this is my night to share .Net issues my students have uncovered . . . here’s one I don’t have an answer for . . . The session objects (and cache objects) in her application are consistenly destroyed … Continue reading 

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Debug Server Control

A student and I wrestled with a Server Control issue tonight.  We couldn’t debug the server control, despite following the conventional wisdom of having 2 projects (one control project and one project), referencing the control project from the … Continue reading 

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