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Will the real Grant Killian please stand up?

I just got wind of the “trend” in IT hiring where employers google their job candidates.  By googling my name the first result is:



No problem there.  A few results down the list, however, is:



I have nothing to do with the site, and am NOT Killian Grant.  The coincidences are disturbing.  Apparently both Killian Grant and Grant Killian[myself] grew up in Wheat Ridge, Colorado and we both work in IT.  No offense intended to Killian Grant, but I wouldn’t want a potential employer to mistake me for this person based on a google search (and I’m sure Killian Grant feels the same about me!) — so if you’re evaluating job candidates based on a google search, take the time to make sure you are reviewing information on your candidate and not just somebody with a similar name!


Happy .Netting!

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4 Responses to Will the real Grant Killian please stand up?

  1. Killian Grant says:

    This is really cool, I was checking out my name in google, and ran into this site! how strange this is to meet someone with my name reversed, who lives(/d) in the same area that I used to, and we do the same thing (web/it). I’m very curious to see what you look like. Hopefully, we won’t have that in common as well 😛

  2. Scott Quier says:

    Not that this is a contest or anything, but I think I may have just about everyone beat when it comes to uncommon names.

    Like the rest of you, I googled my name and I was about the 8th entry on the first page, for work that I did in ’92. There is a gentleman in a little place called Palmer AK (yep, Alaska) with whom I share the name (both first and last). Here’s the funny thing: he and I are about the same age (I emailed him), both in IT and both have a brother also living in AK.

    The world is truely getting smaller every day.

    Merry Christmas!!

  3. Darrell says:

    Yeah, I can’t believe some recruiters keep mistaking me for Don Box (http://www.gotdotnet.com/team/dbox/)! I mean, I don’t want to be associated with this guys work or anything!!! :)

  4. James Curran says:

    Just curious… How big a place is Wheat Ridge, CO?

    And I just googled myself, and I get the top 2 spots. This is interesting, as "James Curran" is not the uncommon name, and not long ago, I didn’t appear until the *seventh* page.

    Also interesting is that noveltheory.com (which has been up about 5 years) is second, while honestillusion.com (which has been up about 3 month) is first. (NT gets about 20 hits a day, while HI gets about 2 or 3 not counting spiders.)

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