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MySQL and .Net

I’ve noticed more and more customers getting into MySQL instead of paying for SQLServer.  For the record, I much prefer developing with SQLServer because there are many features MySQL doesn’t have; that being said, MySQL has an attractive price tag … Continue reading 

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Using the GC

I tackled Garbage Collection last year here and even here.  Let me add a little more to the subject, prompted by an emaiI I got from a buddy.  If I create sample windows project with a single button on the form and … Continue reading 

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The good ol’ days of Response.Write and Server.CreateObject

One of the many projects I’m working is an ASP classic app; we’re extending it with new ASPX functionality, which is interesting in its own right, but as I peruse the ASP codebase I’m constantly struck by how primitive old … Continue reading 

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BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service)

BITS Article : Collection of BITS resources: BITS is intriguing to me.  Does anyone have anything good/bad to say about BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service)?  It’s now available for Win 2003 Server for download and upload of files!  Offers interesting … Continue reading 

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Devscovery, anyone?

This has been on my radar screen for a while, but I want to point it out to developers in the mid Atlantic.  Wintellect is putting on a conference in DC in April, dubbed Devscovery.  It’s 3 days of .Net, … Continue reading 

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httpRuntime and File Upload Limits

Still reeling from a flood of New Year work.  Let me offer something brief.  Rob Spitzer did a nice Win2K3 and IIS 6 presentation for WeProgram.Net last night.  We were discussing some Win2K to Win2K3 migration issues, and besides this Response … Continue reading 

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Holiday Hangover

Whew, I need a vacation from my vacation.  The two weeks in Denver and Boston were great, I got to spend good time with family and friends, but it’s tough balancing everything.  I even worked a good bit while on … Continue reading 

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