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Some .Net Book Reviews (finally)

I finally got around to posting a bunch of book reviews for WeProgram.Net; I put them on the back burner for weeks, but finally got to them as I declared tonight my “catch up and stop billing” night.  If you … Continue reading 

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Dinner.Net in Hampton Roads

Jim Meeker has suggested a Hampton Roads Geek Dinner on Thursday; I plan to make it (assuming we get enough committments, Jim!).  Let Jim or me know if you’re interested — I imagine we would meet at the Hilltop Brewery anytime after 5 … Continue reading 

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Conference Cruising

MySQL cruise, anyone?  I came across this courtesy of Jeremy Zawodny at  My friend Scott Lerberg will surely get a kick out of it! I’d be more interested in the .Net Nirvana cruise instead.  I’m sure MySQL has plenty … Continue reading 

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DataReader to DataTable Happy Ending

I’m doing some .Net and MySQL work and I’ve got a data access layer that does all the heavy SQL lifting.  One of the needs that came up was to convert a DataReader (IDataReader, really) to a DataTable.  In good … Continue reading 

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Metabase is NOT such a Meta Headache

I may be late to the party (and not for the first time!), but I just came across the Edit-While-Running feature for the IIS 6 Metabase — no reboots or service stops-and-starts required.  I’m not in our Network Admin team, but … Continue reading 

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