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objBag.Remove( objCat )

Geoff Snowman makes it official . . . Wintellect big-wig John Robbins will be speaking at WeProgram.Net April 8th. We’ll also be giving away a free pass to the Devscovery conference in late April, so don’t miss this one!  There might be a … Continue reading 

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.Net Everywhere

I found this precious gem nestled in the comments to Darrell Norton’s post about his and Paul’s highway interaction with a Java guy. I assume it’s Greg “Am I the only one who missed PDC 2003“ Robinson’s vehicle, in which case that … Continue reading 

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If at first you don’t succeed, don’t admit you tried?

What happened to “software as a service?”  CNET has an article about the struggles of MS Passport and the whole “.Net My Services” initiative.  A few years back, I recall hearing how we all would be downloading MS Office apps and … Continue reading 

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User Groups and getting connected

I recommend that .Net developers everywhere check out their local user groups.  If there isn’t one around you, start one up.  You don’t need 100+ people to run a successful group; in the first year, WeProgram.Net has gotten between 10 and … Continue reading 

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DataReader to DataTable sample code

Carlos, in a comment on my blog, requested the code I used in this post to efficiently convert a DataReader into a DataTable (it’s inspired by Roy Osherove’s post here and the comments to that post).  For posterity, I’m including the following example of … Continue reading 

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WebSuperGoo can’t be blamed for my walking into the women’s restroom . . .

. . . I was wrestling with a customer’s FTP problem while walking through the airport and those darn bathroom entrances look so similiar . . . I knew something was wrong when all I saw were stalls and no … Continue reading 

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CommandBuilder Revisited

We just wrapped up teaching our sessions on in ODU’s ITPro curriculum, and [yet again] the subject of the CommandBuilder came up.  While I first mentioned this in this post from 2003, it’s a topic of confusion and warrants … Continue reading 

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Overflows, C# and VB.Net, and IL

Students frequently ask, “What are the differences between C# and VB.Net?”  One of the first things we cover in our beginning .Net classes is how .Net languages like VB.Net and C# both produce MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language); IL, in turn, … Continue reading 

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Don’t Open Metabase.xml with WordPad

Note to self: When you’ve enabled “Direct Metabase Edit“ in IIS, Notepad is good — Wordpad is bad. Happy. Netting!

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PimpedOutTextbox VB Style

I’ve been asked by a few folks to provide a VB equivalent of the example C# web control I wrote about in this DotNetJunkies article.  It’s taken me a few weeks to get around to it, but here’s a quick translation (note, … Continue reading 

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