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Off to Devscovery

I’m off to the DC Devscovery conference tonight along with Darrell and many other WeProgram.Netters.  It should be a good time (assuming we arrive alive since Brian “Andretti” Lamprecht is driving!) — all .Net from 9 am – 4:30 PM Tues-Thurs, … Continue reading 

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Finished Coding Slave

It’s a very thought provoking read and I’m curious to see what others think (I know Brendan picked up a copy).  Here is one of my favorite quotes from the book: “Training is of limited benefit when it comes to solving … Continue reading 

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ASMX=confident; Remoting=lessConfident;

Don Box confirms that we should go forth with confidence and use Web Services and ASMX; Whidbey, Indigo, and the future frameworks build on this infrastructure — they don’t discard it.  I’m not so sure about Remoting, however.  Various sources indicate that Remoting, as … Continue reading 

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Could you just drop what you’re doing and go to Devscovery?

[UPDATE: Julie from Keane (formerly Metro . . . those were the days!) has won the conference pass and we’ll see her in DC next week!  To the various respondants, we wanted to keep the free pass within the WeProgram.Net … Continue reading 

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Extending ASP:Calendar with Poor-Man’s DataBinding

It all started when the customer had a simple requirement for a calendar in their application; no problem: asp:calendar control gets called in for duty!  Then came the 3 words every developer hates to hear when meeting with a customer: … Continue reading 

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Attn: Coding Slaves

I just finished listening to the latest Franklins.Net DotNetRocks episode with “Coding Slave” author Bob Reselman; Bob really impressed me (when he could get a word in between the two hosts — Carl Franklin and Rory Blyth) and Bob’s perspective on outsourcing, humans … Continue reading 

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70-340 Webcast Prep Material

Although I usually avoid just linking to another person’s posting, I’m making an exception here.  Anil John’s weblog provides a link to the Microsoft security related webcasts.  These may be useful while preparing for the Microsoft Beta 70-340 .Net Security exam like Darrell … Continue reading 

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FreeTextBox Control Kudos (Finally)

I’ve never given my props to John Dyer for the FreeTextBox control he created and is giving away; if you want the source code for the 2.0 version, it’s very cheap ($50).  I’ve not tried the latest 2.0 release; we’re still … Continue reading 

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The Dharma of Development

Whew, my head is spinning from the WeProgram.Net presentation by Wintellect co-founder John Robbins.  He didn’t dazzle us with secret code snippets or tools that reveal the keys to .Net.  Instead, John Robbins spoke passionately about what it takes to produce … Continue reading 

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When it all comes together

Aren’t those days great when everything works together and all your hard work pays off?  We got a rush customer requirement earlier this week and took it from analysis (a little visio and a lot of consideration), to SQL Server … Continue reading 

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