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Monthly Archives: June 2004

Hello from the Ivory Tower

O’Reilly has posted an interesting interview with the Pragmatic Programmers.  It shares some interesting facts about the state of software development: “Now some 40 percent of teams in the U.S. don’t use version control at all. 76 percent don’t unit … Continue reading 

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Blog Quandary (Quicktime and otherwise)

If you’ve got customers with help documentation or other files in QuickTime format, be sure to check this out regarding plug-in support for IE; my default browser is of the FireFox variety and this created a minor inconvenience during initial … Continue reading 

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If you’re messing with ASP.Net 2.0 . . .

. . . you may want to check out Josh Flanagan’s post announcing his new free control “that allows users to view and edit their profile information” — check it out here.  It’s inspired by the Whidbey Personalization Services and a TechEd presentation … Continue reading 

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Domain controllers don’t make good web servers

I knew this, but one of our customers forgot it. I’ve spent the last 24 hours helping them recuperate from that.

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My 1 Off-Topic Post For All Eternity, But It’s Worth It

I usually try to stay on the topic of .Net, but this is just too funny not to share — and what the heck it is Friday.  A friend of mine stopped by my house a few weeks ago and we … Continue reading 

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The official word on DataSet.HasErrors HasProblems

For those of you on the edge of your seats after the cliff-hanger ending to my post about Web Service errors when DataSets contain Error rows (HasErrors = true), I’m happy to report the results of our contact with Microsoft … Continue reading 

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Web Service gotcha: DataSet.HasErrors HasProblems

I’ve spent the last few hours wrestling with the issue identified in Microsoft KB Article 818587; in a nutshell, serialized DataSet objects that have Row or Column Errors can have trouble when passed between web services to client consumers.  My … Continue reading 

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My latest little tactic (no Web Service dust involved) . . .

. . . has been to take advantage of the Debug conditional compilation constants and Trace and Assert to my heart’s content.  It also lets me circumvent some time consuming authentication code or pre-fill forms with test values, etc.  It … Continue reading 

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MSDN Magazine Overload

I was interested to see the edge of a shrink-wrapped magazine in my mailbox at work this morning . . . until I pulled out the magazine and realized it was another copy of MSDN’s July issue.  This is the … Continue reading 

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Reflecting on the Visitor Pattern

A few new articles are up on DotNetDevs; I contributed to this one about Reflection and the Visitor design pattern.  The DotNetDevs site has a high standard for articles, adhering to the quality over quanitity idea.  I like it. On the … Continue reading 

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