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An insightful editorial on “hackers”

This is an interesting essay on programmers and psychology by Paul Graham that I came across via Brains-N-Brawn’s blog.  I disagree with some of the points, particularly the stuff about platforms, but I’ll highlight a few of the more interesting bits (note, Graham … Continue reading 

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Congrats to blog jam

Congratulations to Brian Lamprecht (blog entitled blog jam) for passing his first certification exam . . . he’s taken the red pill (or is it the blue pill?) and, I predict, will soon be in acronym nirvana for his resume.  … Continue reading 

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Consumer Reports To Evaluate Developers?

I think I need to clarify my stand on Certification; I got a confused comment on this recent post about MS Certification being designed for maximum scalability.  The comment was: I’m a little confused. On one post, you humbly notify … Continue reading 

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In the blogging mood today, so I figured I’d blog a useful code snippet.  Doing Fire-And-Forget operations, the one-way method calls that don’t return a value and you don’t want to block the main application thread, are exceedingly easy in … Continue reading 

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MS Certification is designed for maximum scalability

More on the cert post I just made . . . MS Certification doesn’t certify that you’re a good developer . . . instead, MS Certification certifies that you are fully buzzword compliant (most exams seem to exercise the latest features … Continue reading 

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On Not Passing the Beta Security Exam

Turns out I didn’t hallucinate my .Net Beta Security exam after all.  I got a letter the other day saying I didn’t pass the exam (scored a 650 while you need 700 to pass).  My first reaction was shame; I work … Continue reading 

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Has anybody heard how they did on the Beta .Net Security Exam? Some friends of mine have gotten their notifications but I haven’t heard anything yet. Am I the only one? My online profile doesn’t show the exam yet, either. … Continue reading 

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Good System.Web.Mail Resource

The guy from KBAlertz, Dave Wanta, has a site devoted to the System.Web.Mail namespace and adds lots of value to the standard MSDN documentation (this doesn’t just reproduce the docs the way some annoying sites do — I won’t even … Continue reading 

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