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Impressed by Reporting Services

I spent the last week in Colorado and took advantage of the airplane time to explore SQL Server Reporting Services.  I’m very impressed.  To make the most of my experimentation time, I picked up a book by Brian Larson entitled … Continue reading 

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Customers continue to surprise me

Had a quick scare today when a customer called complaining that “The Word Program” was crashing; we had delivered an application that used web services and word interop to do some nifty web screen scraping and Word mail merging just a … Continue reading 

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Free .Net hosting

A colleague just pointed out this resource for free .Net hosting for a year, no strings attached.  I can’t personally vouch for it but it looks like a darn good deal.  Those early days of rapant free .Net hosting, circa … Continue reading 

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Reporting Services thanks to Reggie

I know Crystal Reports is no peach to work with, but I’ve been fighting with Microsoft’s report offering, SQL Report Services, today.  I had lots of trouble getting to install on my Win 2003 server (laptop).  Turns out it didn’t … Continue reading 

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