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A Proud Hungarian [Notation] Heretic

If I still use Hungarian Notation, am I a programming pariah?  A Hungarian heretic?  Part of the Axis of Programming Evil? Here is why I use Hungarian Notation (HN): I can quickly determine the type of a variable by glancing … Continue reading 

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Cheap MSFT Exam Vouchers

Amazon is selling Microsoft exam vouchers for the lowest price I’ve seen — unless you get them through your company connections etc.

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Bad Experience With Infragistics & Viral Marketing

Through WeProgram.Net and INETA, I get sent a lot of software to evaluate or experiment with; sometimes this includes a fully licensed version of the product.  Vendors hope I like the product and help to generate a positive buzz for their … Continue reading 

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Canadian work STOPpage STARTS a lot of work for me

Too bad there isn’t a Dependency Tool for non-programmatic dependencies! The Work Stoppage for UPS Canada created a lot of high stress work today with our ecommerce customers and, specifically, the code that calculates shipping dynamically with UPS.  Whew.  We’ve … Continue reading 

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Developer Office Decor Help

We’re in the process of moving our offices and my new workspace has two features I’m really psyched about: a set of windows (yes, multiple windows) and a door I can close to be free of distractions.  I haven’t had … Continue reading 

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Stop baking strings for UI display into your code

I like resource files.  I can put all the strings that are displayed to the user in my application into one easily modified resource file.  How many times do you demo an application and the customer says: “can you change … Continue reading 

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Time well forgotten

As I said in my previous post, I’ve been doing a lot of unmanaged windows development lately.  I started work on a proof-of-concept for a different project where I need to present a list of fonts for the user to … Continue reading 

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Haven’t posted in a bit, getting back in the saddle

The title says it all; I’ve been stretched thinly across so many projects the last month+ that I haven’t had much time to blog.  One of those time consuming projects was a VB6 rescue operation that is, I think, finally under … Continue reading 

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