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Developer Office Decor Help

We’re in the process of moving our offices and my new workspace has two features I’m really psyched about: a set of windows (yes, multiple windows) and a door I can close to be free of distractions.  I haven’t had a door on my office for years (since I moved from DC) and I already feel more secluded and, in my opinion, productive.  I may stop working from home so much now that I can concentrate better at the office.

My new office is, however, bereft of any decorations or furnishings besides a desk, computer, chair, and a big whiteboard.  I’m looking for suggestions for ways to turn my space into something fun but still productive.  I have 100% artistic license, meaning I can paint, drill, weld, or whatever it takes (we own the building so there’s no landlord and we’ll likely be here for ever).  I’ve only got about 200 sq feet, so space is a big issue. 

I have a blue training board for climbing which I’ll likely put above the door, but I’m seriously considering putting a full bouldering wall in.  The ceiling is sloped at a 45 degree angle; 10 feet high at the shortest point, 20 feet high at the tallest point.  It would be cool and a great way to take a break from thinking too much about code.  The downside to the bouldering wall is “how much use will you really get out of that?” and “what if I fall and break lots of stuff?” I don’t know the answer, but I’m tempted to try it and see . . .

Other things I’ve thought of include plants, a water fountain, fish tank, comfy furniture, some lamps (right now it’s overhead fluorescent lighting), etc. 

Please send me any thoughts you have on personalizing this 200 sq feet of developer space!

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5 Responses to Developer Office Decor Help

  1. Grant_Killian as Weblog ; says:

    Bad Experience With Infragistics

  2. Grant says:

    Right Carl, combining the bouldering wall and the wet bar (into a "bouldering bar"?) wouldn’t be a good idea. I’d have to start wearing a helmet to work or something.

  3. carl says:

    I like the wet bar idea, but something tells me a bouldering wall and a wet bar are not the best combination…

  4. Jim says:

    I’d go with a fully stocked bar myself!

  5. Darrell says:

    Maybe this will inspire you (and they only had cubes!):


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