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Canadian work STOPpage STARTS a lot of work for me

Too bad there isn’t a Dependency Tool for non-programmatic dependencies!

The Work Stoppage for UPS Canada created a lot of high stress work today with our ecommerce customers and, specifically, the code that calculates shipping dynamically with UPS.  Whew.  We’ve got a few big customers who do a ton of online business around the holidays and this Canadian labour issue blind-sided us; I guess the lesson is to stay tuned in to all your application dependencies . . . code-based and otherwise.

I suppose this boosts the priority of the integrate with FedEx line item on the todo list.  It’s not as cut-and-dried as it sounds because UPS has a nice package called WorldShip that automates package labeling and tracking numbers etc.  We’ve got a few nice integration points with UPS WorldShip and, frankly, we’ve not seen the necessity to pursue FedEx integration — we’ll see where things stand in a week or so but I may be exploring the FedEx integration options very soon.

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