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Insecure Christmas Shopping: Am I Taking Crazy Pills?

I’ve done a lot of Christmas shopping online this year.  It’s perfect for the gift giving I like to do: I prefer to give experiences instead of products because most of the people I shop for don’t need more material … Continue reading 

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My 2 Cents on MapPoint

Brendan Tompkins praises MapPoint Web Services; I like the product too, but I’m not sure about the price point (our usage is small enough right now that our MSFT partner status lets us use it for free).  We’ll have to … Continue reading 

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Javascript Nostalgia

I have a real soft spot for doing things other people think are hard (or better yet, impossible!); this doesn’t mean I always succeed, but it does mean I usually want to accomplish what others think “cannot be done.”  While sometimes that … Continue reading 

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Local Alphabet Soup Social Courtesy of Microsoft

Microsoft had a nice end-of-year social for area user group organizers tonight; not just developer focused user groups, but a wide spectrum of technology related groups.  I had a chance to talk a bit with some folks from AITP and ITPA — a … Continue reading 

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Post MSDN Event “Pub Club” Tuesday, Dec 14th in Newport News VA

The story for next Tuesday keeps getting better.  We’ve already got the MSDN event starting at 1 PM at the Regal Cinemas in Newport News (near Kiln Creek), and now I learn that Geoff Snowman and Microsoft will be hosting … Continue reading 

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One step in the pursuit of fast executing .Net code

We observed sluggish performance in some “proof of concept“ code yesterday; I pealed back the layers of the onion to find what optimizations I could make.  Of course, measurement is a key to doing code optimization; it’s how you quantify … Continue reading 

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VA MSDN Events for December

Microsoft’s DCC Geoff Snowman just shared two free upcoming MSDN events for .Net developers: Newport News:  Chester: There both in mid December, so check them out if you can break free of your end-of-year work committments and come … Continue reading 

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