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Schiavo and VB6 expire on the same day

Today, March 31st 2005, marks the final day of free support for VB 6 by Microsoft.  It’s caused quite a stir in some circles, most notably the petition for Microsoft to re-align “it’s long-term strategies with those of its customers.”  … Continue reading 

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3 Lessons from TechEd (and Secret TechEd)

I agree with Brendan that TechEd is too pricey for my blood.  Thanks to INETA, I got to go last year and I had a great time, but it wasn’t my dime.  Let me share some insight and demistify the TechEd … Continue reading 

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Landscape printing your XSL transformed XML

A friend of mine was trying to force a web browser to print in landscape for a specific XSL transformed XML page.  I mulled this over while on my lunch break and put together this little proof-of-concept when I got … Continue reading 

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If you tolerate something, you insist upon it

Bob “Not Just The Coding Slave Guy” Reselman blogs about his interview with Microsoft and sneaks a real gem of a quote in near the end: If you tolerate something, you insist upon it (by the way, Reselman cites Jim McCarthy … Continue reading 

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Powerful Web Charting with NPlot

I previously considered the free web charting component from Carlos Aguilar to be my main web chart tool . . . but I recently strayed and found a new web chart component.  NPlot has become my new main web charting squeeze … Continue reading 

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Blog Quandary

Here’s the scenario: The blog helps secure a contract with a customer; the blog’s tech content helped to sell the customer.  This is wonderful! The contract with the customer has aggressive timeframes that involve overtime etc.  Project can’t be done soon … Continue reading 

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