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Following Up on Brendan’s Crystal Post

Brendan has an interesting post about Crystal “from an insiders perspective.”  Crystal Reports is reporting software that’s marketed well to business decision-makers; Crystal is a household name when it comes to reports!  Most developers, however, work to avoid Crystal Reports like the plague.  … Continue reading 

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Option Strict On Salvation

Yeah, I should have put this in my earlier post but I didn’t have time.  Maybe I’m crazy, but the whole Option Strict stuff with the TimeTracker starter kit is something I lose sleep over.  The solution is easy: just add … Continue reading 

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Anyone having fun with NHibernate?  This article from TheSeverSide gives a nice NHibernate overview, but I’m curious about how people are finding the config file management and the tool in general after a bit of real world use. I’ve used a … Continue reading 

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No Option Strict For You

I’m looking at sample apps for some newer .Net web developers to learn from . . . I figured the ASP.Net starter kits would be a good place to start.  One of the things we wanted to include was the importance … Continue reading 

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Making a Copy of ASP.Net Application — Best Practices?

Somewhere between this article on the .webinfo file and this post about the .csproj file (that incorrectly presumes it’s a Visual SourceSafe problem — I’m no big fan of VSS but it’s not the issue in this case) I successfully made … Continue reading 

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