Row and Cell Level Security In SQL Server

I am back after my brief travelling I have some good posts sitting in word just about ready to go and they should be posted over the next few days .. For those who are interested I have been in Phoenix, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Vancouver, Toronto, Providence, and Connecticut over the last ten days or so. I also caught a 30 lb striper and about a dozen blues in the sound which really made my week :)

I came accross a link this morning that shows how to do something I have been wanting to do for a long time in SQL Server. Although this is not “true” row/cell level security it is still an interesting read.


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3 Responses to Row and Cell Level Security In SQL Server

  1. Greg says:

    Just under 10 minutes … I had fairly heavy tackle as I was after alligator blues and was striper fishing during slack tide. I caught 3 other smaller stripers (one of which took about 15 minutes to land, about a 15 lber the thing with him was that he ran back to his home the line for a lobster pot so I had to pull up the 15 lb striper + the weight of that line … my arms hurt after that)

  2. btompkins says:

    Yeeha! 30 Lbs! That’s a whopper! My biggest striper (we call em rockfish here in VA) was about 20. How long did that take you to land?

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