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Performance Challenge: #1 Word Count

I had not seen a good .NET performance challenge in a while so I figured that I would start one. Obviously the real benefit will come in about two weeks when all of these items are analyzed and discussed (I … Continue reading 

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Review: Dunn Consulting BizTalk Boot Camp

A few weeks ago I attended the beta version of Dunn Consulting’s BizTalk Boot Camp. I wanted to write a review on the course and to let others know about it because BizTalk is quickly gaining in popularity and is … Continue reading 

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Agile: Resistance is Futile

  Ok I am still catching up on all my blogs from the two ten day periods I was not around for. I found a real gem on Michael Stal’s blog entitled Agility and the Borgs where he begins to … Continue reading 

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Performance : String Reverse

There are some people are trying to get the “fastest” string reverse function.  There is some history on this problem at Justin Roger’s blog You know me, I can’t stay away from a performance challenge… Here is my … Continue reading 

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Method Calls: Part 1 (Normal Call)

In the next few “under the covers” posts I am going to put up a bit about something that most people take for granted, how does that method call actually work (note in this article we are looking at a … Continue reading 

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ANN: AOP Presentation

When  : Monday at 6:30Where : New Orleans, LA (Tek Systems in Metairie)Swag   : Lots Aspect Oriented Programming – Aspect Oriented Programming is quickly growing in popularity in many environments. This presentation is an introductory level presentation examining some problems … Continue reading 

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Agile: BizTalk?

I have been quite bizzy this week, emerged in BizTalk. I will be posting a complete review of the course I have been taking, it is through Mark Dunn (Dunn Consulting), and the teacher is Mark Berry. I will say … Continue reading 

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Bug ?: A bit more on for loops

OK I had left this out of my previous post an in depth look at for loops as I considered the behavior to be a JIT bug. I discussed this with some very smart people (including quite a few at … Continue reading 

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Flame Bait: Access Blech

I have moved my comments from as I don’t want to muddy up his discussion. I have never understood why access gets shoehorned into so many roles it is frankly not good at. 1) If I need an embedded SQL … Continue reading 

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Agile: Fixed Price Bids

This post is coming up from a recent discussion I had with Rusty Zarse, these thoughts have crossed my mind before but the discussion put them back on the top of the stack in my brain. I have also been … Continue reading 

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