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Must Read Book Released

Serge Lidin has released an updated copy of his Masterring IL Assembler, the previous version of this book was amazing so I have very high expectations for the new edition. The new edition published by APress covers all of the … Continue reading 

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Recommendations for a tablet pc?

Mainly for the write on screen capabilities with powerpoint and for "portable surfing" / document management. I would prefer to not spend too much in the process. Anyone with recommendations?

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Framework Design Guidelines: Property or Method

I have a proposed addition to “Framework Design Guidelines” based upon a situation that came up a few days ago. I believe the situation is already covered implicitly but there seems to be some contention on that point so perhaps … Continue reading 

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Performance Contest #2: Triangle Solitaire

The previous contest went pretty well so here is the second incarnation of the performance contest. Hopefully I can keep from wasting hours of time by running all the results with JIT optimizations disabled! I am not providing a naïve … Continue reading 

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Performance Contest #1 Results and Analysis

  Sorry for the delay in getting the results out. There is a really funny story behind it with me running 7 hours of tests in debug mode then aggregating results and getting it all ready before I realized what I … Continue reading 

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Content Management System?

Which do you use? What do you feel are the pros and cons of that particular system against its competition.  

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Slides: AR vs Repository

Active Record and Repository (30 min presentation). I have been slowly filling in more content beyond these slides. If you happen to notice that the objects are a bit flat in the examples it is because later slides use … Continue reading 

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ANN: Patterns Presentation

Where: Microsoft offices in Alpharetta, GAWhen: Monday August 7th 6:00 pmSwag: Yes I will be presenting at the beginning of the meeting on some design patterns, namely some DDD/PEAA design patterns. I won’t get as much into them as I … Continue reading 

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Method Calls: Part 2 (Code Pitching)

In the last method calls post we looked at how a normal method call works in the CLR. I had said that things work as advertised unless code pitching happens. In another previous post Performance Measurement, I made the following … Continue reading 

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