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PC2:Analysis "Deja Vu"

Some people got this optimization, others did not. This is the single most important optimization and is the focus of nearly all optimizations when dealing with larger boards. If we started with a brute force searcher we can speed it … Continue reading 

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Performance Contest #2 Results

Sorry for the delay in getting results posted, the testing ran a bit longer than I expected and I did not have much time following the weekend I had set aside (last weekend I was speaking at a code camp, … Continue reading 

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Interface Re-Implementation Bug in 2.0 Runtime

Came across an interesting bug the other day in the MS newsgroups, it appears to be a bug in the 2.0.50727.42 release of the runtime. If this issue is affecting you, you can either use the updated 2.0.50727.97 revision of … Continue reading 

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