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Async Sockets and Buffer Management

A long time ago I promised to release my buffer manager class that I use with my Async socket server with some explanations on my blog as to why I use it. Chris Mullins and JD Conley were a lot of help to … Continue reading 

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More on modopt

Previously I discussed some issues with modopt. Well there are more. In total I have logged three issues (could be many more as nearly every language I have looked at has the same problems). I figured I would put up … Continue reading 

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Modopt, method signatures, and incomplete specs oh my!

The last few days I have been playing around with spec# and reflector alot. In doing so I came accross a pretty serious bug I had to fix in my dynamic proxy. There is this mostly unused but largely important … Continue reading 

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Presentation tomorrow

As always I am up for a few beers and interesting conversation after! Where: Vancouver BC (BCIT) Abstract: Let us, if only for an evening, trade our microscope for a telescope and look at what is a bit further down … Continue reading 

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