How bad can it be?

Someone sent me this yesterday and I just had to share.


 They just need more of a delay in the 3rd frame and this is oh too accurate. This has gone on the wall in my office.

 This comic and many other great comics can be found at


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6 Responses to How bad can it be?

  1. Eva says:

    you’re a geek 😉

  2. Greg says:

    Brian thanks for the credit: post updated. Was emailed to me so I wasn’t sure where it came from….

  3. ERP says:

    And is the flying animal named “Jeremy” ????

  4. HAH, that’s excellent. I’m doing a preso on some agile and web dev practices here at work this Friday and this HAS to find a way to make it in there… thanks^^.

  5. Brian says:

    Making sure to give credit to the author…
    Every geek should subscribe to this guys comics.

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