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Monthly Archives: August 2007

The File Carnie

  Well if I were working in a carnival and this thing stepped up to the booth to have me guess its weight, it would have won the coveted stuffed animal for its dollar.  This is really obvious though it might be … Continue reading 

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Pop Quiz Pins: Answers

Wow guys I am impressed with some of the answers put up. Here is a summary…   What are the various ways that an object can be pinned? People pretty much got this one right but they missed one. GCHandles, Interop will … Continue reading 

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T – 1 (off topic)

Ok I only have 365 days left until I turn the big 3-0. I guess that means that I have to really accomplish something this year. But to save myself … I realized that I am only 23 and have … Continue reading 

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Bread Crumb Trail

Had someone ask an interesting question the other day … they wanted to serialize call stacks with data in an object, obviously this can’t be done. My initial response was to tell them to use a state machine to get … Continue reading 

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What generation?

Today I see … [17:02] Chris Mullins: Alright, quick question:[17:02] Chris Mullins: I’ve got my dump up, and I’m lookingn through it with SOS.[17:02] Chris Mullins: I see a number of objects in the heap, that when I run !do … Continue reading 

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Pop Quiz: Pinning

OK you guys are good. I imagine that the average codebetter.com reader is outside the high side first standard deviation of the average .NET developers … And yes I guess I am in a way stealing this idea from Rico  … Continue reading 

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