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What generation?

Today I see …

[17:02] Chris Mullins: Alright, quick question:
[17:02] Chris Mullins: I’ve got my dump up, and I’m lookingn through it with SOS.
[17:02] Chris Mullins: I see a number of objects in the heap, that when I run !do on then (DumpObject)
[17:02] Chris Mullins: I get no roots.
[17:03] Chris Mullins: Is there a way to tell, looking at an object, what generation it’s in?


Think to myself for a minute about a really cool new tool I saw recently from Steve Johnson called SOSEX


This tool is just slickness … lots of useful things additions to SOS.


A list of commands and full descriptions is on his site for the question above see gcgen and dumpgen … so cool! 


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